Installing pavers

How to install GeoCeramica®

GeoCeramica® can be placed directly on gravel or sand. Basically GeoCeramica® is installed just as easy as normal pavers. Are you unsure of the proper sub-base? Ask a professional for advice.

Here’s an example:

On well-drained ground we advise to make a sub-base of sand, about 10 cm in height. For soft or poorly permeable ground such as peat or clay, we advise a sub-base of at least 20 cm in height. Highly recommended is a finishing layer (about 5 cm) of gravel or grit in faction size 1-3 mm. This has excellent stability and drainage properties.

Installing the tiles

  • When the sub-base is compressed and leveled, you can start installing GeoCeramica®.
  • The ceramic top layer is scratch and wear resistant, but during the process you must be careful with the edges. If two ceramic tiles knock against each other, there can be the damage of chipping.
  • Open the GeoCeramica® palette carefully and make sure the tiles cannot fall over.
  • The tiles have an integrated spacer at the edges to facilitate more even joint width.
  • To prevent damage, the tiles should never slide over each other. And keep it free from sand and other pointed or sharp material.
  • You can cut GeoCeramica® to size. Important: use a water-cooled saw and rinse well after cutting the tiles)
  • Never use a mechanical plate compactor and never hit directly with a normal hammer on the tile; which may result in extreme cases, in cracks and / or breakage. Use a special rubber hammer.

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