GeoCeramica®, the best of two worlds

A ceramic tile combined with a strong bearing and drainage layer which is unique and revolutionary. Enjoy stylish ceramics with high quality features, combined with the benefits from the affordable processing costs of a concrete slab. The ceramic top layer is inseparable connected with AquaFerm® paste to the Stabikorn® layer and  provided with integrated spacers. These spacers make it easy to create straight joints. Installing GeoCeramica® is relatively simple and at lower costs, compared to normal ceramic tiles. In addition, this product is suitable for almost any surface. GeoCeramica® opens a new dimension of paving!


Low maintenance and user friendly

Of course, your garden always needs care, and gardening is seen as a way to relax. But is cleaning your terrace also a way of relaxing? It’s nice to know that you now have a choice. And believe us, you will not regret it. With a GeoCeramica® terrace one ensures very little maintenance:

  • Stain and acid resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • More resistant to green (slippery) moss or algae covering
  • High skid/slip resistance, even in the rain

Durable and long lasting beautiful

Ceramics includes maximum, long lasting user benefits. And the best of all, it can be applied in any garden. A dream terrace, which can be used for many, many years.

  • Scratch resistant
  • Guaranteed color genuine
  • Wear-resistant surface
  • Weather resistant (heat and cold)

Save time and money

The foundation to create a stable terrace, which is needed for “normal” ceramic tiles, is already included. The Stabikorn® layer makes it quick to install: you save both on costs as on the work that would need to be done to create the foundation.

  • Tiles are dimensionally stable
  • GeoCeramica® can be laid directly on gravel / sand / grit
  • Suitable for any type of soil
  • Perfect joints thanks to integrated spacers

Connection component AquaFerm®

Successfully combining two different materials is always a daunting technical challenge. Initially finding a method to bond them in a durable manner, and secondly that this binding remains consistently strong under all circumstances including fluctuations in moisture, heat and frost. Not so long ago such a combination seemed impossible, given the different characteristics of both materials. At first glance differences in expansion and contraction appeared insurmountable. Thanks to the unique connection component AquaFerm® and the Stabikorn®-drainage layer this is made possible in a sustainable way.

AquaFerm® is a binding (slightly flexible) paste between the special Stabikorn® layer and the high-grade ceramic tile. During the production process the fresh, slightly damp, AquaFerm® is applied to the Stabikorn®. Water reacts with the AquaFerm® paste. Arising the most powerful possible connection between lower layer and the ceramic tile possible. This process continues through several months. More water makes the connection stronger. Very useful in our climate!

Stabikorn®-drainage layer

By letting the Stabikorn® mixture bind with the AquaFerm paste® (when still wet), a highly durable bond is created. The ceramic tile is connected to the water-conducting Stabikorn® layer with integrated spacers in a solid, inseperable way. As a result, placement of these paving tiles is easy, quick and relatively budget friendly in comparison to normal ceramic tiles. The ideal weight was picked, to ensure the load-bearing capability and stability, when the thickness of the Stabikorn® layer was determined. The material is also very resistant and does not degrade by circumstances such as moisture.

GeoCeramica®, The best outdoor solution

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